Can you please describe what Saphetor / VarSome does in a few sentences?

VarSome is the emerging global platform for human genome data. With 300,000 users, varsome.com is the world's largest community and knowledge base for human genome variant data and is constantly growing. VarSome's  tools enable anyone and any organization, from individual healthcare professionals to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, to harness and apply the power of this community. The idea is to use the data to the benefit of patients and health-care professionals. VarSome was created by our team at Saphetor, a Switzerland-based precision medicine company.


What is your strongest value-proposition / use-case to a pharmaceutical company?

Our comprehensive and growing search data can help find patients with genetic conditions at a very early stage in the process. It can help pharmaceutical companies quickly identify and inform concerned Health Care professionals and patients about relevant clinical trials and existing or upcoming treatment options. It helps pharmaceutical companies to understand their ecosystem, be the first to know and react towards patients in need. Based on the search queries data from the users, VarSome allows very targeted and efficient communication to HCP’s and, where allowed, to patients.

What role does data privacy play for you in this context?

We take our responsibility to ensure compliance with GDPR and all other privacy and data protection rules and regulations very seriously, not only to comply with the law, but also to deserve and to maintain the trust of our global genomics community. We always carefully analyze the individual situation with our customers and with the community before starting a project.


 What is the disruptive / innovative part that VarSome brings to the Healthcare industry?

Apart from VarSome, the world’s largest human genomics community, we offer a number of online tools on human genomic variation:


  •  VarSome Clinical is a comprehensive analysis and reporting tool for next-generation DNA sequencing. It is used by over 100 healthcare and research institutions as well as leading life sciences companies.

  • VarSome Insights allows members of the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem to connect based on targeted searches they make on human genomic variation. It also provides intelligence on the geography of disease and provides insights of the ecosystem for a specific genetic disease on a global, regional or local level.

Interview with Andreas Massouras

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