The pharmaceutical industry is constantly in a state of change.

We are here to help you navigate that change.

Bringing pharma professionals, healthcare start-ups,
and talent acquisition specialists together, to develop and grow.

Find out what's in for you

Pharma Top Talent

Become part of a specialist network

By building a community online we connect our members,
global recruiters, innovators, & start-up founders.

Where all of us can

Develop personally & professionally

Have you had trouble finding a mentor in your field? Have you wanted to become a mentor, but don’t know where to start? Find Executive Coaches
who can help you go faster & gain access to a group of people ready &
willing to share expertise, advice & opportunities with you.

Pharma Top Talent
Pharma Top Talent

Grow & find your passion

New opportunities for a dream career

Gain access to jobs and the possibility to work at world renown companies,
find and be found by industry specific recruiters that can help you navigate
the system & discover start-ups that are thriving and growing.

Pharma Top Talent

You don’t have to do it alone

We’re building a community of specialists ready to share expertise, advice,

& to help you to unleash your full potential.

Pharma Top Talent
Pharma Top Talent

We don’t often find ourselves in
elevators with executives

Learn & practice your pitch with the best of the best. This is your chance to
meet with talent around the world who are known experts in their fields.

Passion can take you far

Investors can help you to the finish line

Find your Business angel, get PTT members investing in your start-up independently of your development stage.

Pharma Top Talent
Pharma Top Talent

Find top talent to make a difference

Post jobs & find relevant Board members to grow your enterprise.

Finding talent or being found should not feel like a game of hide and seek.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist &/or Headhunter

Pharma Top Talent
Pharma Top Talent
Pharma Top Talent

Increase awareness, get qualified leads & attract the best talents in the Pharma Industry.

Join our community as we continue expanding
our inclusive network of multi-disciplined
Pharma professionals

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